Web Design

Everyone knows how to design a website today right? Unfortunately, even with all the tools out there, you still will not get the results you are looking for unless you have search engines in mind throughout the design process. Our web design services are highly regarded due to the fact that we implement search engine strategy from the concept stage. Our designers are not just graphics or user interface people, but are integrated with our search results team as well. This ensures that your web presence is poised to begin a search advertising and optimization campaign with very little transition. Some websites have to be completely redesigned to be search friendly. Why not start with one that is SEO-friendly from the beginning and save money?

Our Web sites are:

  • User Friendly
  • Built on a Content Management Software Platform
  • Allow Admin Access to Your Content
  • Include Security Updates
  • Include Search Results Software
  • Include Google Tracking
  • Include Social Media Plugin
  • and include way too much more to list.


Here is a look at a few recent projects:

Case 1: The Las Vegas Wedding Company

This project was a redesign for a large outdoor full-service wedding provider. The website is about 40 pages, with multiple layouts and a secure booking system. The issue was originally that the design did not sell the photography well for the business, and when making the menu system simpler, we were able to maximize market conversions.


Case 2: Suadeo Local

Suadeo means “to refer” in latin, and the concept of this business was a collaborative effort between SEAL Web Marketing’s Brandon Jones, and the owner of TransEMV Terry Oelrich and others. This site is an online directory in which the members all are based on referral. The only way to be a part of this network is if you were referred by a local business and pass the qualifying criteria. This website has many functions, including geolocation, maps, video embedding, and much more. It contains a listing back-end to where each advertiser can manage his/her own listing within the system and update at will.


Case 3: A-Z Floors LLC.

This company is a wholesale-to-the-public flooring contractor. This was a new build, as their business has been built solely on referrals. We designed their logo concept as well as an overall online marketing strategy. In an effort to increase sales, the owners contracted us to build them a site which could generate traffic. We are currently managing the web site for search results (SEO) and also working on social media campaigns as well. This is a brochure site, with contact form, and information on their main products. This site also contains an automated testimonial solution, in which clients may submit testimonials to be published within the site.


Case 4: AZ Health Systems

AZ Health Systems is an IT services provider specific to the health care industry. The owner is able to build basic websites, but has been so busy that it was unable to get to the point he was happy. This design in a one-page responsive concept with all the bells and whistles. Animations based on javascript pop in as the page is scrolled and show the content in a unique way. This client has informed me that everyone who sees this site tells him how great it looks months after the build.





Our designers are ready to implement your ideas into a highly-polished user experience your clients will love. Since your website is your hardest working staff member, it makes sense to do it right the first time. Contact us today at 480-245-0094 to receive your FREE 30-minute custom question and answer session, or  simply fill out the form to your right.